Social Media/Web 2.0 in Medicine

Web 2.0 is a collection of free services that make the Internet more useful and interactive. Dr. Dimov was credited with first using the term "Web 2.0 in Medicine" in articles and presentations in October 2005.
A presentations on Web 2.0 in Medicine, updated 04/2009. As an experienced website editor and EMR expert, Dr. Dimov can help your practice with website development, social media tools (RSS, Twitter, blog, podcast, video) and EMR/EHR development. Visitor statistics for the Clinical Cases project alone include 7.5 million page views and 3 million visitors since 2005, 20,000 daily subscribers via RSS and email, 4,000 daily page views and 1,800 daily visitors, 120,000 monthly page views and 47,000 monthly visitors, 12,000 Twitter followers.